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I'm sorry 11 years ago
but i don't see how somebody could take a skinny girl over this
asd 11 years ago
wheres a whole video of her!?
Fukkin iz all i do 7 years ago
now dis hoe got get dikked down like rite now nigga
SexyXXX 2 years ago
This phat 11 months ago
Bitchea don't deserve a small cock like that.....they deserve big cock...theyr pussy are different than small chicks...the size on the inside does change fellas....they are wider and bigger than a normal size can never pleasure a babe like this ...
Know wat 11 years ago
I need to see more vids of her sexi ass
YO! 11 years ago
Black dude at the end wasnt hittin it rite make that bitch scream son like the first guy
Busted a Nut... 8 years ago
She's a pretty fat bitch
who dat 11 years ago
Is that Bruno Mars tapping that phat ass???
DAMN 11 years ago
shes SO HOT